Monday, May 3, 2010

I'd Like To Introduce You To My Eyeball, Jack

Sunday, exactly two months before Myra's fifth birthday, I finally finished her "baby" quilt ...

                             and gave it to her. 

I don't mean to imply I worked on it to the exclusion of everything else for a solid five years.  I did do a few other things during that time--like finish her aunt's quilt, make a doll quilt, play on a BFD and oh, just lots of other stuff, like eating and sleeping. 

It's a bit of a quirky quilt for a little girl who has a very unique sense of style.

I thought she needed something that reflected a bit her love of color ...

and had a bit of sparkle mixed in with the traditional.

Not everybody makes the effort to name their eyeballs Rosabell and Jack.

She marches to her own drum.



Art Elser said...

Hmmm! Just offhand, I'd say that the pictures could have been of Cathy when she was 5. Especially the one with the colorful outfit and the hand to the head. "Oh you mean I was supposed to eat my peas and not feed them to the dog?"

What a lucky little girl to have such a special quilt. I'm sure she'll treasure it her whole life, wrapping up babies in it and telling them that Nada made it just special for her.

Is Jack an Ojo or just a regular eye? The Ojo is the "evil eye" the one you stun others with. (I doubt your Spanish lessons tell about the Ojo.) Given the pictures in your post, I'd say she can lay the Ojo on Leslie and you and Dean to great effect. ;-)

Leslie said...

I love this post! I can't believe Myra's crazy outfits they're awesome! She loves the quilt and has been sleeping with it every night and lugging it around all day. Thanks Nada.

abby rose said...

I'm glad you don't have to hear Myra ask "is my quilt ready NOW Nada?!?!" anymore. It looks awesome!