Saturday, April 9, 2011

Raining M&Ms

Even though the weather has not improved, this morning I felt I was on the way to conquering the grumps. Unfortunately other contributing factors seem determined to put a stranglehold on my normally rosy outlook.

Grandchild: “Nada. Can I have some hot chocolate?”

Nada: “Of course!”

Nada: “Dean, I can’t find the chocolate syrup. I know we couldn’t have used it all. It was almost full.”

Dean: “I threw it out.”

Nada: “What?! Why?”

Dean: “I didn’t want to be tempted.”

Nada (in her head): Unprintable

Nada to grandchild: “How about some M&Ms? I will go get them from my secret hiding place where later today I will be putting a brand new bottle of chocolate syrup.”

Nevertheless, all is not lost. Even though I am a victim of weather and absurdity, today did bring some color.

Before the rain began.

  The results of an art project with Papa.  "Just singin' in the rain ..."


Abby said...

Oh Dad! Didn't he do the same thing once with the chocolate chips in the freezer and you didn't notice until you were in the middle of making chocolate chip cookies? At least he made up for it with the really cool art project.

Leslie said...

The flowers look great in the house and really brightened it up! Thanks Dad and mom for the m&m's.

Al said...

Yeah... that sounds like the Dean I know and love. :) One that would turn his grandchildren loose with painter's tape. Of course, if he had been true to form it would have been heavy duty duct tape because he threw the painter's tape away so as not to be tempted to paint the house. And the duct tape would have left you with bald eyebrowless grandchildren.