Saturday, December 10, 2011

Said the tortoise to the hare, “I might be slow but I’m faster than you.”

One day in the not so distant past:

“Where is the chocolate syrup?”
“I threw it away.”
“Wha?  (confused look, wrinkled brow, long pause) Why?”
“So I wouldn’t eat it.”
“Seriously?  How will I make cocoa for the kids?”
“The old fashioned way.”
“They don’t like the old fashioned way.  They like the ‘squirt chocolate in warm milk’ kind of way.”

Blank look

 “It’s hard enough trying to remember where I’ve hidden the chocolate chips.  Now I have to find a place for the chocolate syrup too?  I’m going to buy a plastic tub and fill it with bottles of chocolate syrup and packages of chocolate chips.  And I’m going to keep it in my sewing room.  Where you can’t find it.”

Shoulder shrug

One day in the recent past as children stood patiently waiting:

“Where are the ice cream bars?”
“I ate them.”
“ALL of them?”
“Yes.  You said it was hard for the kids to eat them because the chocolate fell off whenever they took a bite.   So I got rid of them for you.”
“But they LIKED them.  They didn’t care if the chocolate fell off.”

Shoulder shrug.

Yesterday morning: 

“Where are the marshmallows?”
“I don’t know.”
“Oh.  So they’re just in the cupboard somewhere and I need to find them, right?  You didn’t throw them away did you?”

Shoulder shrug.

            Headshaking and mumbling.  “How ... supposed ... cornflake wreathes ... marshmallows ... a bin!"

Later that same day:  

No, they're not here.  That was a red herring.  I just hope I remember where I've hidden the tub when I need it...




Leslie said...

The wreaths were really yummy! I'm glad you found them!
Thanks for taking the kids. Myra felt really bad about breaking the ornaments! Sorry...

Abby said...

Better hide that bin somewhere you will find it.

Art Elser said...

You are one tricky woman, Cathy. Do you have a problem finding the bin only to realize you've eaten all the goodies out of it?