Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Twas The Verse of the Tasteless

It was days before Christmas, the tree was upright.

But the branches were empty, no help was in sight.

Let’s hope no one sees the faux pas with the lights

Cuz there’s no way that string's gettin' fixed so it’s right.

Hey, Myra! Hey Piercie! and Emerson too.

Come over and help us; we need all of you.

Wait Maisie!  No Sophie!  Get away!  Shoo!

Yes, Shadow, we know you don’t think cats are cool.

Hanging those ornaments wasn’t a chore.

Only one (maybe two) crashed to glitter the floor.

But it didn’t matter, we had plenty more.

And the cats needed something to chase; they were bored.

At last the tree sparkled with beauty, oh, boy!

The kitties were happy ― they had a new toy.

When we were done we had treats we enjoyed.

'Specially the three pint-sized good girls and boys.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!  (Dean!  Get your han      Cheese!)

I know this is tacky and I’ll take some heat

But the clock is a tickin’, with deadlines to meet.

I had to write fast so my rhyme’s not so neat.

Still ― Merry Christmas to all! You can now hit delete.



Art Elser said...

And now Casper has its own Dr Seuss. Nicely done, Cathy. Glad you had the kiddies and kitties to help with the tree.

Merry Christmas from down Denver way. We're getting ready for snow tonight. Who said we won't have a white Christmas.

Abby said...

You are really good if you can rhyme like that in a hurry!