Friday, January 11, 2013


It’s been so long since I’ve written a blog post that I think I have blogger’s block.  Writing blogs can sometimes be very hard work.  I know, I know … I see the head-shaking and the eye-rolling while you’re thinking back to some of my blog posts and wondering how the pointless blathering I’ve written could in any way shape or form be considered hard work but I’m telling you that coming up with a senseless idea and then actually forming meaningless sentences about it – that’s work. 

Anyway, I’ve decided that I’m going unblock my blogger brain and let the words flow, no matter how meaningless and pointless and inane they are.   So….what to write about?  I know.  It’s eight degrees outside and snowing, so I’m going to think warm.   I’ll tell you about Ecuador.  Don’t worry.  I know looking at other people’s vacation photos and hearing their vacation stories is even more tortuous than reading all about my their home remodeling experiences so here is my plan. I am going to break this trip up into four posts.  Each post will have only one story with limited mind-numbing details and I will allow myself only four photos each.   Ready?  Here’s post one.


The first stop on our trip was a hostel near Puerto Lopez where we sat on a beach with a backdrop of gorgeous flowering trees and bushes.  We drank the creamiest, most delectable piña colada ever blended up and poured into a glass.  Una más Señora snowflake-leg-white-haired gringa?  Si!  Si!  

Technically one photo.  Tricky eh?

The next day after we had recovered from our piña colada indulgence Abby and I trekked across the beach

in search of seashells.  Jorge performed his son-in-law duty with exemplary patience walking with Dean, conversing animatedly about geology, stopping every two feet and waiting while Dean took a photo of a geologic wonder, and searching alongside him for to-die-for rock specimens.  

Fortunately, when we flew home, Dean was in a different pat-down line at the Guayaquil airport when those “that was the best part of my time at the beach” rocks were taken from my backpack and thrown into the bin with all the other terrorist weapons which saved Abby from having to watch the “Crazed Geologist Begs For Rocks” video that would have gone viral.  Poor guy.  He deflated like a balloon when I gave him the bad news.  And there was less of him to deflate since he was still recovering from his Ecuadorian Diet. But that's a story for another post.  If you're in shock that I held to my four photos criteria and you're crying out for more  you can go here.  Just don't blame me if your eyes roll back into your head and you fall out of your chair mid-way through the slideshow.  I did give you the option of staying away.



Jerry said...

Next time use UPS for the rocks.

Leslie said...

Now I want a pina colada and a beach! Especially now that it's freezing here!