Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Feasting, Family and Fun

"Oink, oink" has replaced "ho, ho, ho" around here. Cookies, candy, pie, and creative martinis have been the overwhelming foods of choice with a few items from the bottom of the food pyramid sprinkled in. It's been a low-key, relaxing holiday with Abby and James. We've missed the chaos and craziness of two little girls running around but we tried to make up for it with our own special old people brand of craziness. We pulled out the last remaining cardboard from the kitchen cabinet boxes, bundled up and headed off to Pit Park to slide with the best of them. I had visions of crazy adults careening down the hill so fast our lips would flap. Just cuz we're old doesn't mean we can't keep up with the best of those little short people. Who needs a fancy plasic saucer or specially designed innertube?

Turns out we did. I was crushed and deflated to discover cardboard just doesn't have the slick, aerodynamic qualities I could have sworn it had. Instead of screaming down the hill on our bellies so fast our legs were flopping around in the air, we spent the bulk of our time taking a "running" start, "throwing" our bodies onto the cardboard with no thought of possible injury, sliding a few inches and then stopping dead as our noses dove onto the snow or cardboard. Instead of broken bones and the twisted and mangled bodies I expected at the end of the run I should have been more concerned about possible broken noses.

We managed to push, pull, tug or inch ourselves down the hill, every now and then experiencing the thrill of a slide while those plastic saucers, and specially made innertubes zoomed past us. We were the examples to all the others of determination, hard work and eventual success. Not everything in life comes easy. Not even fun. But before I go sleddin' again...........I'm buyin' a plastic saucer!


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