Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Finished Is a Relative Term

I thought I would be spending last weekend putting a few things away and then baking my little heart out. However, as things tend to do, one thing led to another and the next thing you know it's Sunday afternoon and all I have baked is a batch of inedible breadsticks. Breadsticks so bad Dean didn't even argue when I said I was going to throw them away; and he's like Mikey. He'll eat anything.

The first project was a complete cleaning of the fridge, inside and out. I don't think it's sparkled that much since it was brand new. It's now humming happily in its new home. Once the fridge was no longer in the dining room we thought it might be nice to finally put the dining room/living room back in order. Of course we didn't want to do that without cleaning the floors while we were at it. The living room floor meets the entryway floor and that floor meets the hall which meets the bedrooms so next thing you know I'm cleaning every floor in the house. And if you're cleaning floors you don't want ten weeks of dust still left on all the furniture, baseboards, pictures and light fixtures. Get the picture? By the end of the weekend ten weeks of dirt and dust had been cleaned and just about every piece of furniture is back in its correct place. Woo Hoo! "All" we have left to do is tile and stain the woodwork. Once we tile we can oil the countertops and then they will look amazing. The dark spots on the counter in the photos are oil from my bread kneading.

The backsplash tiling has been postponed until after the holidays sometime. Groutgirl/tilebabe got sick and the weather was miserable for traveling anyway. Since we had time to take a breath and think a bit more about the tiling project I felt it would be prudent to review our tiling plan to be sure we were completely prepared for when that future tiling date would arrive. Much to our chagrin, we discovered that even though both the ceramic and glass tiles said they were four inches, they are not. The ceramic are bigger and the glass are smaller resulting in approximately 3/8" difference in their size. So much for mixing in glass tiles with ceramic tiles for some sparkle. We had to rethink the plan which means now we have way too many ceramic tiles and not enough glass tiles. The bad thing is, the glass tiles are, of course, the super expensive tiles. The good thing is, we reviewed the plan and have time to order more tiles and didn't discover this in the middle of tiling with a wall covered in adhesive.

The cabinet guy came this morning to hang the final glass door and install 3 replacement doors. This was my LAST contractor! There will be no more worker bees in my house when I come at home at night. I will be taking no more vacation to meet them at home. They were all very polite, professional, and friendly. I enjoyed visiting with each and every one of them and every one of them did an awesome job but I do not miss their company.

Now it's time to bake, relax, do something we actually want to do.............oh, wait. Didn't I say I was going to do that last weekend?



Abby said...

You know, your fridge with all the silly magnets on it doesn't exactly fix your fancy kitchen anymore!

Cathy said...

Most of those silly magnets were gifts from you! :-)