Saturday, December 29, 2007

Silence is not always golden

Abby and James have departed for their great two-week Costa Rican adventure. Dean and I are left alone in a quiet house. I hate the first 24 hours after my children leave. At least this time I'm not crying and feeling sorry for myself every time I pick up a toy and put it away. Probably only because Abby doesn't leave me any toys to put away. All of her toys are way too high-tech and cool to leave behind for me.

Departing children are not good for our finances. The sudden quiet drives us from home and next thing you know we're shopping as a distraction. This afternoon we're heading to the theatre for a movie. Normally I feel like I'm wasting my weekend if I spend it at a matinee and getting me to pay full price for a movie is pretty much impossible. Today I'm not only going to matinee but we're going to a first-run movie and not the $3.00 cheap seats. should be cheaper than shopping.


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