Sunday, December 16, 2007

Life is good

Friday I took a sick day to hopefully kick the rest of the bronchitis out of my body. My sick day plan did not include quality time with the plumber but it turned out to be painless and successful. You know you've had way too many plumbing issues when the plumber doesn't even ask for your phone number or address anymore. He just says, "I'll send Matt over." Matt arrived first thing Friday morning and said that the guys who installed the counter tops apparently had installed the upper portion of the faucet and screwed it in because he had only hooked up the other parts. All along I thought they'd just plopped it in there loose merely to make sure the hole they had cut was the right size. Turns out some nut up high had come unscrewed which is where the water was pouring in from. Maybe they didn't get it tightened enough the first time. Whatever happened, it's fixed now and so far no further problems.....knock on wood. I had a very nice visit with Matt as he was working and as he was preparing to leave I expressed to him how much I had enjoyed all the contractors who had been over and how much I enjoyed visiting with each and every one of them, "but I hope I never see any of you again for a very, very, long time."

The little pieces of my puzzle of a life are gradually being clicked into place. I am not ashamed to admit that I am a person driven by routine. I know there are people who thrive on change and surprise but I thrive on consistency, predictability and stability. Simple things such as not having my calendar or the wipe-off board hanging on the wall for three months were a constant irritant. They're back in place now, albeit with one of those temporary removable hooks, but they're there and I smile with contentment every time I walk by and look at them.

I actually stepped foot in the gym yesterday and went to yoga and pilates classes. My muscles were stiff before I went and sore after I left but it was great to be back.

We put up our Christmas tree and did our little bit of decorating. I couldn't make myself buy another cheap but dead, painted green Christmas tree this year. Honestly, in July it was still bright green lying out in the garden area. Don't ask my why Dean kept it because I couldn't tell you. I don't want to know. We bought a small fresh cut tree and the pine smell is worth the extra money.

Not being able to bake one cookie or loaf of bread for the past three months was driving me crazy and today I made up for it by spending six hours baking four kinds of cookies and some cranberry bread. It was one of the most enjoyable days I've had for the past three months.

And I finally feel healthy and bronchitis-free. Woo hoo! Things are lookin' up!


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"Holly Garden" said...

I think I need to get my butt in gear and make our family some cookies!