Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Construction With Cookies – Day One

I have talked about finishing the basement ever since we bought this house and construction began yesterday morning.  I want to have a TV area and space for our grandkids to ballroom dance in the dress-up clothes when they come over and a place where, on those rare occasions when I need to, I can get away from D ... uh, the dog.  I’m really looking forward to when it'll be finished. Not finished in the sense that we would finish staining and framing the windows and installing the baseboards ourselves – like we have upstairs.  

No.  Finished in the sense that there will be window frames and baseboards installed for us and everything that should be painted will be painted. 

**************Before construction began ******************

I still get nervous any time people are working in my house even though all the work we've had done over the years on our house in Casper and here in Sheridan has gone smoothly.  Every time I think I hear an “oops”, or any mumbling at all, I stop breathing for a second and wait for bad news. Whenever the sounds of activity stop I just know that the builders or plumbers or electricians are staring intently at something, shaking their heads, and any moment they're going to come and tell me there’s a problem.  It didn't take long for that to happen on this project.  I walked into the house after my pilates class yesterday morning and when I looked down the stairs, Dean and three builders were standing silently in a group.  Dean looked up and said, “you should come down here.”  Nobody said a word when I walked over to them.  “Crap.  This doesn't look good”, I thought. But it turned out they were discussing the feasibility of removing the support pole so we wouldn't have to put up with a big pillar in the middle of our finished basement.  One bullet dodged.

I like to keep my worker bees happy but since they work with some pretty wicked power tools, providing them with beer seems like a less than optimal choice.  Sugar seems like a good alternative and anyway, I need a distraction while they’re downstairs shooting nails and sawing wood and making all kinds of scary sounds.  So I bake.  Yesterday’s plate was cocoa snowflakes.  

************The end of day one***************

Today my bees will buzzing around somewhere else since they can't continue until the plumber moves a few pipes.  Gosh, plumbers make me nervous .... oatmeal cookies? ....



Abby said...

Those cookies are making me hungry!

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

Hope the framing around the stairs will allow for big objects to be moved up and down.