Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Construction With Cookies – Day Seven

When I got home from yoga yesterday the mechanical guy was here putting in the heat vents and my worker bees were hanging drywall.  Since we will be in Lincoln visiting Abby and Jorge over President’s Day, I decided yesterday my “cookie” should be President’s Day Cherry Squares.  I was a bit late getting the “cookies” to my bees because I ran an errand after yoga and on top of that, this recipe took longer to make because I had to cook the cherries to make the filling.  I wasn’t sure how long Mr. Mechanical would be here and I wanted him to enjoy a treat before he left so I was feeling a little stressed and I hurried to get the squares mixed up and in the oven.  By the time I got them baked it was almost one p.m. and in my rush to get them down to the guys, I didn’t really cool them long enough, which made cutting them into nice neat squares one big sticky mess. 

They didn’t taste quite like I thought they would and didn’t look nearly as good as the picture attached to the recipe, so I was a little apologetic when I handed them over.  When I came back a bit later to let them know we’d be leaving soon to take the dogs for a walk they thanked me for the treat and told me they were “great” ... “awesome.”  That really surprised me and I told them I felt like they’d been a failure.  I really thought they were just being nice but just before we left I overheard one of them say, “I would NOT call these a failure.”  Gosh.  I really like those guys. I feel a little sad leaving them alone tomorrow ... working ... with no cookies ...

So at the end of the day yesterday we had some walls!  And some ceilings!  And they even brought the kitty door with them and will install that for me.  See what cookies will do?  Oh, I know.  I'll be paying for it.  But still ... to think of it and do it for me ... come on ...   How thoughtful is that?

We still have a post but it’s looking more and more like a finished basement.  Tomorrow the rest of the drywall will be hung – and who knows – maybe that bracket will come in and the post will finally be taken away. 

I hope I’m here to see it but since we’ll be going away for a few days tomorrow I may miss the big event.  These blog posts will be going away for a while too.  If only I could get my weight gain to go away.◦


Abby said...

Only you would stress about getting cookies to worker bees.

Wow, a kitty door, that's awesome! Maybe I ought to put one of those in...but a big one, my cat is big.

What a difference a day makes. You won't even recognize it when you get back!

Art Elser said...

Ah, yes. The worker bees will draw straws to see who gets to take the post out, while the rest of them stand outside with their cell phones ready to call 911. And you and Dean will have your phone turned off so they can't relay the bad news to Lincoln.

And probably eating store bought cookies.