Friday, February 20, 2015

Construction With Cookies – Days 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

As Mr. Rogers always said, I’m “walking backward through my mind” trying to stir up my old gray matter so I can remember Construction With Cookies – Day 8.  

Valentine’s Day was coming up on Saturday and since we were leaving Thursday it seemed appropriate that I serve up heart-shaped frosted sugar cookies.  It probably wasn’t the wisest choice since my food coloring and cookie cutters were downstairs but I braved the pounding of the nail gun and tiptoed through a fine layer of gypsum dust, slipped into the storeroom and grabbed the cookie cutters.  Once I got back upstairs I realized I’d forgotten the food coloring so I followed my white toe prints back down and retrieved it, only to discover even though I had multiple containers of blue and yellow and green, there was only one, nearly empty, tube of red. 

Good thing I wanted pink cookies and not deep, deep red.

I brought a larger than usual plate of cookies down to my two worker bees since it would be the last they’d have for a few days.  I honestly didn’t think they’d eat them all but, just like every other day, somehow they managed, and fueled with all that sugar they hung some doors and nailed up more drywall.  The support bracket still had not come in so when we headed to Lincoln the post was still prominently standing in the middle of the room.

Kitty door!

After nearly 12 hours in the car we reached Abby and Jorge’s.  Along the way we had decided we’d take Angus and Maggie for a quick walk as soon as we got there, but once we pried ourselves out of the car and stood outside a few minutes trying to straighten our bent bodies, that idea went out the window and we immediately began whining about the cold.  And we did not stop whining about the cold the whole time we were there.  I had forgotten how cold, humid air worms its way down into your bones and doesn't let go.  By the time we left I promised I would never again tell Abby she’s a weenie when she tells me she’s freeeeezing.  She was absolutely reveling in her vindication.

When we weren’t whining we were eating, drinking, going to the zoo, eating, drinking, talking, eating, drinking, shopping, eating, drinking, helping with house chores, eating, drinking, talking, eating, drinking, salsa dancing, eating and drinking. 

I was really hoping when we got home the support bracket would be in, the post would be gone, the drywall would be completely hung, the taping, mudding and sanding would be completed, and the texture would be on the walls.  (There’s always, hope, right??)  There was progress while we were gone, but not as much as I’d hoped for.  The post is gone and there is no pile of rubble or gaping hole in the ceiling where it used to be so the bracket seems to be doing its job.  The drywall is completely hung and all the bee's tools are gone, but there has been no taping or mudding or sanding or texturing. 

No post!!

I really did not want to live through the dust I know is going to filter through every nook and cranny and settle on every surface of every room when the sanding begins.  I suppose it doesn’t really matter all that much since I can already write my name on nearly every surface in the house now, but knowing Dean’s penchant for health and safety I’m afraid he’s going to make me wear a dust mask and they really don’t work with my fashion style.  

I talked to my head bee yesterday and the plan is for the hanger bee to stop by today and have a look at the project since, for whatever reason, the original guy can’t or won’t or didn’t want to do the job (he must not have known about the cookie stipend) so they had to replace him.  And since it’s nearing lunch time now and I have seen no bees yet, I’m assuming no progress will be made today.   So no Construction With Cookies – Day Whatever This Is cookie, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t bake anything.  However, after all the food we ate and all the wine I drank while we were in Lincoln, I chose something a bit healthier.  I made granola.  I figure if I put it in my white yogurt for breakast I won’t even notice the dust filtering down into it.



Abby said...

Did you read that article about how if you look at cookies and imagine eating them, it's almost as enjoyable as eating them in real life? I'm trying that now...yummy!

Super awesome kitty door, I'm putting one in (do you think Dad could do that on your next trip out???....hahahaha).

Art Elser said...

I've also read that people walking past doughnut shops in NYC gained weight just looking at them in the window and smelling them. ;-)

So you got to Lincoln, started whining, and quickly changed to wining, is that right? Keep it up, Cathy, and soon the worker bees will be back putting in wider doors.