Thursday, October 11, 2007

Muffins, Squash, Plums and Contractors

My drywaller was here taping, mudding, sanding and texturing at least a portion of the first three days of the week. Monday I traded some squash (his) for plums (ours). I think he's finished. The portions of the ceiling he was working on have been textured. It looks finished to me. But a big fancy-looking sponge is still lying on the floor which implies he will be returning.

Tuesday my plumber came, ate some apple muffins and saved our butts. When he went down in the crawl space to turn off the water he discovered a disaster waiting to happen. It seems a joint in the pipes where the water turn-off valve for the sprinklers is had never been soldered. And the bucket that just happened to be sitting there (and has been since we've lived here) had filled up in the two days since we'd had the sprinklers winterized. So along with all the other kitchen plumbing he fixed that for us. The gas line is installed for the new stove, he prepared the pipes where the sink will go, and moved the water line for the ice maker. And it's pretty darn cool--not the copper pipe sticking out of the floor we had before.

It's looking like we'll just be waiting around until November 5 for the new floor to be put in. Gosh, whatever will we do with our time? I'm hoping I'll be able to get back to my workout schedule at the gym. Every week I tell myself "this week I'll get back on my routine" and every week something happens to prevent me. I actually made it three times this week and tonight I even spent some quality time on the dreaded elliptical. Good thing, because the box of caramel/pecan candies we'd bought from a kid selling them for his school fundraiser was calling my name tonight. I answered the call, ripped the plastic off the box and ate one. Okay, I ate three of them, but I didn't have that doughnut at work yesterday...

Dean continues to whittle down the kitchen debris into nifty little piles which will gradually find their way to the garbage can. If he keeps at it I won't even need to borrow a pickup to haul it all away. Of course while it looks like he's getting rid of all this junk, there's a strong possibility he's just squirreling it away for a future "art project". I try not to think about that.

More updates later. I need to heat up the ol' hot plate and cook something for dinner or I'll polish off the rest of those caramel/pecan candies and that would be oh, so bad.◦


"Holly Garden" said...

Eat one for body's finally going through dairy withdrawl.

Abby said...

Sure doesn't look like you'll be parking the Honda in the garage any time soon. I hope winter doesn't start early : )