Friday, October 5, 2007


It's Friday and for the first time all week when I walked in the door there were no workmen. The drywaller had come and gone and I was only met with drywall dust, bits of mud and a half-empty tupperware of apple-cinnamon muffins. My theory of working with contractors is if you feed them treats they will treat you well and do a good job for you. I fed my electricians oatmeal-raisin cookies and pulled the muffins out of the freezer for the drywallers. I hope there's still something in the freezer for the plumber. However, as much as I enjoy visiting with them and love the fact that they're here working, there's nothing like coming home to your own house with nobody in it but the dog and cat to greet you.

Since I have no exciting kitchen pictures to share I figured I might as well show off our plum tree. I think we planted that tree about five years ago. The first year we got one plum. If I remember right the next year we got three plums. The next two or three years it froze just as it was blossoming---until this year. This year it's the motherload. More plums than we know what to do with. I've made one loaf of plum bread and I see plum muffins in the future. That could be interesting. We may even drag out the ol' dehydrator and give that a try.
Anybody have any plum recipes they'd like to share??

It's Columbus Day weekend so we have three days to catch up on all the things we haven't had time to do:

Put to bed the garden that wasn't
Mow the lawn (please let it be the last time)
Pick, freeze and dry more plums
Try to remove as much dust as possible from all over the house
Give the dog a bath since she's probably just as dusty as the rest of the house
Go out for a belated birthday dinner for me and actually relax for one night. Woo Hoo! And yes, I am now one year closer to "older than dirt" :-)◦


Abby said...

I thought you were already older than dirt ;-)

Cathy said...

Ha, ha, ha. I'll remember that the next time you need money. :-)

doreen said...

What is older than dirt?

doreen said...

Belated Birthday wishes too!!

Cathy said...

My dad's older than dirt, right Dad? :-)

Thanks for the birthday wish. Next year Dean can bake me an awesome cake in this new kitchen.