Sunday, October 14, 2007

Oh, my aching back

One of the items on my list for this weekend included painting the kitchen ceiling. Instead of the normal Wyoming blue skies and bright sun, it was cold and cloudy. Anybody with a brain would have postponed the painting until a sunny day. Maybe even anybody with only half a brain. Especially considering the fact that the ceiling lights are not yet functioning so the only light in the kitchen is from a make-do pole light Dean devised. I, however, determined to cross off everything from my weekend list, soldiered on and painted the ceiling--two coats no less. I don't love painting walls and ceilings. I don't even like painting walls and ceilings. I'm not especially good at painting walls and ceilings. I'm a messy painter. When I finish my hands are covered in paint, my hair has blobs of paint in it, my contacts have been known to have specs of paint on them, the bottoms of my shoes have paint on them, and my clothes have paint on them. I suspect my painting technique isn't ergonomically correct either. I used a roller extension which was nice. I could stand on the floor instead of crawling up and down a ladder. But as I was holding the pole over my head, looking up at the ceiling while slowly bending backward to reach even further on the ceiling, I thought to myself, "this probably isn't a good thing to be doing." Later that night as my muscles spoke to me in no uncertain terms every time I tried to move I was pretty sure I'd been right. Maybe I should have listened to myself. Oh, wait. That would probably require a brain which I had chosen not to use.

The thrills of painting the ceiling were almost usurped by listening to the Wyoming Cowboys pretend to play football. The highlight of the game was the 1 hour 40 minutes of patter the radio guys had to fill when the game was suspended due to lightening strikes. The final score for the Pokes on their homecoming day was 3-24. Not to be outdone, however, the Huskers final homecoming score was 14-45. Lest you worry I've become a Pokes fan, I only watch/listen to the game in order to report scores to my lovely Wyoming Cowboy supporter, Abby. She reciprocates by updating me with Husker scores. There was no joy in Mudville yesterday.

This morning Dean replaced the final pieces of particle board in the floor and I spent quality time scraping off more of the paper left behind from the linoleum. That was more fun than I can even describe. Fortunately, after I almost sliced my hand with the putty knife, I pulled my brain out of the storage compartment I'd placed it yesterday and put my work gloves on. My back didn't enjoy the scraping of paper any more than it enjoyed painting the ceiling. It's talking to me again.

Before the scraping and wood replacement began today I discovered that two of the ceiling lights actually are connected and work if a lightbulb is screwed into them. That was helpful and brightened the room. It brightened it so much I discovered I need to put another coat of paint on the ceiling. Oh, boy, I can hardly wait for next weekend.◦


Jerry said...

I think you get your painting skills from me. Now you know why your mother would never let me near a paint brush in the house.

"Holly Garden" said...

Maybe that's why my sewing room is still only have done a month later.Whenever I leave the house I have lovely compliments on the paint I'm wearing all over my body.