Sunday, October 7, 2007

Stretching Those Retirement Dollars

It's the weekend so no busy worker bees at our house until tomorrow. Thus, no kitchen news or photos to share. That means I'll have to bore you with other news.

We have volunteered to usher at the Wyoming Symphony concerts this year and last night was the first concert of the season and our first night of ushering. Dean's preparation for the concert included a trip to WalMart to purchase black pants and shirt (the expected ushering uniform for these concerts) and a quick glance at the seating chart. My preparation included studying the seating chart several times and writing the break-out of the sections on my hand hopefully to prevent not only appearing to, but actually being lost.

We were assigned the balcony, along with a veteran couple to "keep an eye on us." As it turned out, it was a cold and rainy night and the house (note I've already picked up the theatre/concert jargon) was far from packed. Thirty-five years of marriage paid off as we drew upon our many years of cooperation to put that teamwork into play...."okay, I did the last group, now it's your turn." After only 20-30 minutes of pretty enjoyable "work" we sat back with the rest of the audience and enjoyed the concert. What better way to stretch those retirment dollars when that future need will arise. Here's a website to the symphony in case anybody's interested.

And, since I have no kitchen photos, I took a photo of Lily enjoying her evening drink.


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