Sunday, October 28, 2007

Whiling away the waiting days

Last weekend I posted snow photos. Today it was shorts and t-shirts weather.'s never boring.

While we've been waiting patiently for the next stage of the kitchen remodeling (one short week to go) we have kept ourselves busy. Dean has managed to cut up, take apart, or bend into shapes and sizes that will fit into the garbage can virtually all the remaining bits and pieces of the kitchen. Who would have thought a whole kitchen could be removed by using your weekly garbage pickup? There has to be a post-retirement career in that. As you see below I can actually park in the garage again---that is until the second week in November when that stall will be filled with kitchen cabinets waiting for installation.

My project during this kitchen lull has been to sew dolls for Emerson and Myra for Christmas. I actually used a sewing machine---yes, one with a real motor--and managed to complete these two lovely misses with only having to rip out and redo two small mistakes. I didn't even pick up any part of the doll or the clothing and wing it against the wall or toward the floor at any time during the whole process. I think I may have developed some patience over the last half-century. Maybe sewing machines aren't so bad after all.....for some things anyway.


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"Holly Garden" said...

Those are awesome! The girls are going to love them. I did a bit to throwing myself yesterday thus why Emerson has only one skirt and not two.