Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cabinets and Window Well

Pictures will tell the tale. Day one of three days of cabinet installation.

The window well is in and tomorrow's dirt work day. I had my own mini meltdown (hopefully I disguised it well enough that nobody at work noticed) when the cabinet guy called me soon after I got to work to tell me the wires for the undercounter cabinets are approximately 1 inch too low. I neglected to tell the electricians I would be putting in a 3/4" maple floor underneath the cabinets. I never imagined
3/4" would make much of a difference but I know now. It's not the worst thing that could have happened. They moved the wire up and it's where it should be now. It just means I'll be putting on some drywall patches before I tile the backsplash. The worst part was that every time my phone rang for the rest of the day my heart lurched and I worried I would be hearing about a screw up that wouldn't have an easy fix. Of course tomorrow I'll worry all day that my phone will ring and if it does, my heart will lurch again. But I am the queen of worry so it would be completely out of character for me to feel calm now. The burning of worry calories is what keeps me slim.

Dean's gone to get us a pizza since we still can't really get to the fridge or find a place to cook. More tomorrow.



"Holly Garden" said...

Love the cabinets. I can't wait to see them all. Remember deep breaths.

Trinity said...

The cabinets look great and they got really far!!