Sunday, November 25, 2007

Stuffed With Turkey

We took a break from the stresses of kitchen remodeling to stuff ourselves with turkey and then burn it off playing with grandchildren. Before we left, the cabinet handles were installed and we even put a few things in some of the cupboards and drawers. The counters which were to be installed last Monday were postponed until this Monday due to weather. Four guys started the drive from Livingston, MT but after 80 miles of snow turned around and headed back home. The snow was supposed to head south and they were afraid they'd get stuck in Casper for Thanksgiving. Weather looks good for tomorrow so I'm crossing my fingers they'll make it this time. The electrician and plumber are rescheduled so now we're counting down to Thursday night for cooking on a real stove and washing dishes in a real sink and dishwasher. Coming home to a hot plate is harder after you've spent four days eating awesome home cooked food.

We had a great time in Delta playing with kids, visiting, eating, playing, visiting, more eating, wishing we hadn't eaten so much and then eating even more.

Tuesday afternoon was beautiful and we took a walk along the river.

Wednesday we went to the park and played on the swings and looked for fish in the stream.

The rest of the time we played cowboys in the fort, some of us dressed up like a princess, we painted and just generally had a great time.

Except for the deer who decided to cross the interstate in front of us only 40 minutes from home everything went great. I still see the big brown eyes looking at me just before I squeezed my own eyes shut and heard the thump. If she wouldn't have decided to hesitate on her trip to the other side we might have just missed her. Dean was able to come so close to stopping that the air bags didn't go off and both headlights were still working.


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