Monday, November 12, 2007

Day One of Crunch Week

Today the house was filled with busy, busy windowguys. It was the perfect day to have holes in your house. The sun was shining, the wind was NOT blowing (I know, it's hard to believe) and it was in the 60's. The slide show will show you today's progress. I felt so bad I didn't have any home baked goods for these hardworking guys that we drove to 1st Street Bakers (closed), and the mall for Mrs. Fields cookies (apparently went out of business---not there). I think tomorrow, since "windowguys" will be here again finishing up, I'll just have to hit the bakery at Safeway before work and bring home some big, fat, greasy doughnuts. I hope they'll be able to force those down.

I left a message for "dirtguy" saying the basement window was being installed as I spoke. He called me back and said he can do the dirt work on Thursday and did we want him to install the window well or were the "windowguys" doing it. I thought we'd already worked this out two weeks ago and he was doing it. He, however, does not want to install the cover because if it leaks he doesn't want to be held responsible. Since "headwindowguy" happened to be there when I took the call I asked him "do you want your "windowguys" to install the windowwell" and he said, "sure" and he didn't seem to have a problem with the cover. So "windowguys" will install the window well large enough to live in as well as the cover (apparently they're not worried about it leaking) and "dirtguy" comes Thursday to backfill the well and do the foundation dirt work we discussed with him way back in June.

Dean and I also went to the tile store and brought home his baby blue irridescent tile sample. It's funny how the soapstone and the same textured tile look bluish against a blue glass tile and greenish against the green mosaic tiles.

"Tilechick" and "groutbabe": this option involves sprinkling a few 4x4 baby blue glass tiles in a random pattern mixed in with 4x4 textured tiles so we'd have some sparkle. I'm guessng this may involve more cutting but I'm not sure yet because I'm not positive I'll have a full 18" between counter and cabinet due to the height of the soapstone and 3/4" maple floors but I will measure when everything's in. Are you screaming "why did we EVER say we'd help?" yet???

Tomorrow "windowguys" are back and cabinets and appliances are delivered between 3 and 5 p.m. That means moving the same furniture we moved to make room for "windowguys" again to make room for cabinets.◦

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"Holly Garden" said...

I like the baby blue tile better than the other tile. Not that I'm buying.